Thursday, 18 July 2013

"sew" much more

Sew many delights has turned into more about 'delights' and less about 'sew', so I thought I should catch up on the 'sew'.

I am surprised by how much I love sewing.  I really thought it would be a phase that came and went, but alas, it continues! Maybe it's just a long phase...

My mum gave me my sewing machine for my first Mother's day (thanks mum! Although, I'm pretty sure I should have got her a present, not the other way around...)

This is my little sewing nook.  Many a nap time has been spent here trying to come up with new ideas or to quickly finish something off.  In an ideal world one nap time should be all I need to sew something beautiful, right?!?  REALITY check!  Many frustrations have been had in front of these two machines.  My best/worst friend (the quick-unpick) is always right by my side.

I am developing an addiction fabric - hopefully it doesn't get out of control...too much :)

I inherited this pile from my Aunt this week.  I'm so excited! I LOVE looking at fabric and dreaming about all the things I wish I actually knew how to sew! ha ha!  Maybe one day.

Some days I don't feel like sewing at all, but most of the time I love to sit down and CREATE!

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  1. Christine Turvey24 July 2013 at 10:53

    I think I unearthed some creative genius when I bought you a sewing machine. I thought it would just help you make some cute little things for Edith and do a bit of mending here and there. But my goodness you are talented and inventive.


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