Monday, 1 July 2013

Wrapped around her finger!

It would seem our precious E has me wrapped around her finger.  Not even her little's her index finger (that one is a whole lot stronger).

I was putting her to bed the other night and as usual, sang her a song.  When I had finished she waved her index finger at me to indicate that she would like another song.  Oh, okay then, so I started to sing our "bedtime song" - go to sleep, go to sleep etc.  To my horror she screamed and waved that finger some more.  It seems she doesn't like the "bedtime song" anymore.  Perhaps she knows it signifies that it's time for sleep! 

So I picked a different song.  "The Wheels on the Bus" seemed to be a better choice.  As I finished the first verse, she waved some more for the next verse.  Hmmmm.

Five verses later...I put her in her cot.  Then in her little voice she whispered "pair" (meaning prayer).  So we said a prayer.  THEN, out came the finger again for another song! Really?? But how can I say no? That finger is strong (I am soft) and she knows EXACTLY what she is doing! Cheeky monkey!

Finally after 3 "pairs" and half a dozen songs I left the room.

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