Sunday, 19 May 2013

How does your garden grow?

Ours?...not very well.

We used to have a humble but mentionable vegetable garden. 

We grew tomatoes, beans, cucumber, corn and silver beet.  It was exciting!

We even had visitors to our garden...

I use "we" when really it was my husband who looked after the garden.  I'm not sure why he stopped actually.  Maybe I said I could do it.  It's not that hard right?  You just need to water the plants...

I have a very good helper for that.


For some reason, the plants didn't want to grow.  I planted the seeds, followed the directions, watered them and then waited...days...weeks...longer than weeks (still watering in between of course)

Nothing sprouted.  Occasionally I thought I did see a tiny green leaf, only to discover it was a weed.  It's a very sad looking garden.

And then one day I stumbled upon THIS! Sabotage!

I'd like to think E has everything to do with my inability to be a gardener, but sadly it's not true.

Maybe one day I can perfect the art of gardening.  For now, we continue to water the weeds and dream about nice home-grown vegetables.


  1. You need to put some pumpkin seeds in the ground. They will grow like wildfire no matter how much sabotage is involved, and will boost your green thumb confidence like never before :)

  2. Alright! I am going to do that.


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