Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sneaking Cuddles

I simply must check on our daughter before I go to bed each night, mainly to put the covers back on, but also to check that she is okay.  Unfortunately we have very squeaky floor boards and nine times out of ten I accidentally wake her up.  My husband suggests I just leave her be, but I've tried and I can't.

Last night, when I accidentally woke her up, she stood up (as she usually does) reaching out for a cuddle.  I picked her up (as I usually do) and held her in my arms.  At that moment I was reminded how precious this time is.  It won't be long before she doesn't fit in my arms anymore, or she doesn't 'accidentally' wake up when I go and check on her.  These cuddles will end and, along with other cherished moments in life, will be treasured up as distant memories. 

So I am going to sneak as many cuddles as I can...while I still can! 

1 comment:

  1. Dale and I had a similar conversation last night. I dread the day when i feel she no longer needs me. He tried to assure me that no matter her size or age, she will never be too big for a 'Mummy cuddle' <3


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