Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sneaking out!

Recently I posted about sneaking cuddles.  Well now it's just about sneaking OUT!

For the last few days little E has been unwell.  I forgot that when she is unwell all the routines and sleeping patterns go out the window.  She has kept us up all night just because she wanted someone to be with her.  I get that. When you are unwell you want some extra love and attention, but it's become a little bit ridiculous.

My husband and I have taken turns (as she has woken frequently during the night) to go in and put her back to sleep.  Let me just say, E is usually a pretty good sleeper.  She goes to bed with minimal fuss and is usually still awake when we leave the room.  But not when she is sick.  When she wakes she wants us to pat her back to sleep and not leave!  So it became a mission to get out of her room.
We have very creaky floorboards.

I've tried backing away, one step at a time, inching towards the door.  Just when I thought I had made it, Creak! Scream! more patting.

I've tried imagining myself floating above the floorboards. Obviously I can't float.  Creak! Scream! more patting.

I've even tried strategically placing my feet wide apart to avoid the creaks.  Creak! Scream! more patting, shushing, stern talking - GO TO SLEEP.

I've worn socks.

I haven't worn socks.

I stepped on blankets.

My husband patted her through the cot bars and even tried crawling out.  ha ha ha!  But all he got was Creak! Scream! and back in for more patting.

Ahhh and so it has been going for a few nights. 

We tried letting her cry, but after a few minutes she couldn't breathe through the extra snot and tears, and her bed was soaked.

I made up this song when E was a baby. I sing it to her as I am putting her to bed each night.  It goes like this:

Go to sleep, go to sleep;
go to sleep my baby,
go to sleep, go to sleep; 
go to sleep.

Close your eyes, close your eyes;
go to sleep,
close your eyes, close your eyes;
go to sleep.

The words have been getting more stern.   GO to sleep, GO to sleep, GO TO SLEEP my baby....

And then I just figured when she is well again she will go back to sleeping well again.  I love my sleep, but I love E too.  For now I will do what mothers do and help to make her comfortable.


  1. I found shimmying out on my stomach all the way down the hall very successful and great exercise for your stomach muscles!

  2. Hahaha! I'll let Sam try that one tonight ;)


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