Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Every day needs a bit of colour

The purpose of this blog is to write about the nice things, the happy things, the delightful things in life.  But sometimes it's not that easy.  Some days are just plain hard.  As the weather changes and the mornings get cooler, the days get shorter and things can seem a little bleak.

I found this quote and I like it:
 You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.
So when the colour seems to be gone from your day, a simple soloution is to...add some of your own!

Colored Pasta

Coloured pasta anyone?  Okay well, I guess I do have a toddler, so this can be useful to me, but I'm sure everyone could use a pasta necklace every now and then....right? :)

You will need:

Pasta (as much as you like!)
Food dye (not too much)
Ziplock bags
hand sanitiser (2 squirts each bag)
Baking paper
Some trays

 Fill the bag with pasta, add the hand sanitiser and the food dye.  Rub gently so you don't break the bag.  Tip: don't add more hand sanitiser after you have rubbed it as it will start to clump.

Empty the pasta onto the baking paper and leave in the sun to dry.

And your pasta is ready to use!  Make a necklace, make a collage, make soldiers, make a mess, make SOMETHING! (I don't suggest making dinner with it) Brighten your day or someone elses! 


  1. Damien and Bonnie8 May 2013 at 21:00

    It's Damien. I told Bonnie that we needed to post because we've enjoyed all of your posts and what's the point of us getting lots out of your blog if you don't even know about it?!

    That's all.


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