Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Life's a Happy Song...

E has just started singing (it's more like a hum). It is so fun to hear!  She goes about doing her things and hums along.  It means she is happy and there is no greater feeling than knowing your children are happy, no matter how old they are.

 "Those who wish to sing always find a song"

Have you ever tried to sing while you are angry or upset?  It doesn't work.  You either can't sing, or it changes your mood into a happier one.  There is something about good music that just washes your woes away and brightens up your day. 

  “Music is truly the universal language, and when it is excellently expressed how deeply it moves our souls.” -- David O. McKay,

E loves playing her instruments and tinkering away at the piano...and doing things she shouldn't to the piano...

I love that she loves music. 

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