Monday, 10 June 2013

Rainy Day Monday

What to do on a rainy day?

After what seems like a week of grey and bleak weather, and spending far too many days indoors, I thought I should try and come up with something a little bit out of the ordinary to help us get through another day inside.

This is E's favourite thing to do...

But instead we found some balloons!

Every child loves balloons, right?  You can throw them, kick them, bounce them, run around them...hours of fun (well, minutes if you're a one year old, but I'm sure they will still be fun when she wakes up from her nap!)

We can't go past the felt board activity.  E still loves it!  I have the board tucked away beside a cupboard but she knows exactly where it is and pulls it out at least once a day.  It's perfect for a stuck inside rainy day too.

and for lunch....

A pancake picnic!  This was fun.  Although by the time I got it ready E had already eaten a pancake whilst lying down on the kitchen floor.  I guess she was ready for bed already :)  But she still joined us for some more on the picnic blanket.

The best and easiest pancake recipe ever (thanks to some wonderful friends ;) )

1 cup of SR flour
1 cup of milk
1 egg

That is all!

Top with whatever you like (works great with yoghurt and fruit...or unhealthy like us...lots of maple syrup!)

And now that she is sleeping peacefully, I can do the best rainy day activity of all...SEW!

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  1. Luff your work, Chumbo! I'm already taking notes for my future posterity.


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