Thursday, 6 February 2014

One of those days

Today was "one of those days". 

It started out well.  It ended well.  The middle was a little bit hazy.

The thing about 2 year olds is they seem to have an opinion about A LOT of things.  This can be cute.  Often a bit annoying.  Sometimes very frustrating.  However, when they don't quite know how to express their opinion, but want to express something, the trouble starts.

9:30 am - swimming lessons.  This went very well.  A few non-conformance's, but overall FUN!

10:00 - 10.20 am - A SCREAMING tantrum in the change room.  Reason?  unknown!  Do people feel sorry for you?  You hope so, but mostly I'm sure they're packing up their kids as fast as they can and getting out of there!

10:30-12.00 noon - Undeserved, but a play at the park.  This had already been arranged, and at the risk of letting down a friend, we kept our appointment.  Had it not been a prior arrangement, it would have been straight home to bed for Miss E!  It turns out this was a good move.  She played very happily, without incident for the entire time, and I was able to relax - ahhh!

Nap time!  my favourite!  - no complications here.  At 33 weeks pregnant I love to take a nap too.   (you're probably thinking this is not a bad day - and as I'm typing I'm tending to agree with you, but at the time it felt like the WORST day we've had in a long time! There is a little bit more to come.)

4:00pm - Dinner preparation.  It was all going well.  I'd decided this morning I didn't feel like cooking so a freezer meal it was.  All I needed to do was make some rice and heat it up.   Today is the day I also take a meal to our elderly neighbours.  Rice is done! Check. Curry is heating up in the microwave.  Check.  Miss E is so eager to help.  Microwave beeps.  Door is opened.  I take the dish from the microwave as Miss E promptly closes it, knocking it into my hand and causing the dish to fall on the floor....along with the dinner.  GAHHHH!  I hold it together, but only just.  You must understand pregnancy hormones are very much alive at the moment, and I'm doing well not to lose control.  She tries to help me clean it up but I kindly (and it was very kindly) suggest she goes and watches TV.

4:15pm - Plan B.  Miss E's dinner of pasta will have to go to the neighbour instead.   Not very exciting, but no other option really.

4:45pm - We begin walking to the neighbour's home.  As we leave Miss E turns to me and says "I hurt mummy's hand"  as she takes it in her own and kisses it better.  "Ah, all better" she proclaims.  I do very well not to lose it here either.

Naturally I feel bad for being upset with her about the spilled dinner.  These little people know how to pull and stretch you in all sorts of directions.  They also know how to melt your heart.

So, while it was "one of those days"  it was also "one of those days I learned how to be a little more patient, a little more kind and a little slower to react".  We all need those days. 

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