Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Nesting and Sewing

This post is long overdue.

Three weeks ago I gave birth to our second daughter.  She is beautiful and we love her!

Towards the end of my third trimester, during that "nesting phase", I found some energy, and a desire, to sew!  We didn't know at the time whether our baby was a boy or a girl, so I tried to remain gender neutral...and it kind of worked :o) 

I had some soft minky dot fabric that I was dying to use on a blanket.  I found a cute jersey knit at spotlight and this is the result.


What blanket is complete without a taggie dinosaur??  I used the leftover fabric to make this cute toy.  Even my 2 year old loves it!  Click HERE for the link to the tutorial I used.

While I was on a roll I decided to make some muslin wraps.  They always seem so expensive to buy. I've wanted to make my own for a long time.  I took advantage of a sale at Spotlight.

I had a bit of fabric left over so whipped up some matching bibs and burp cloths.  They are super cute! and they were really easy to make.  I love them.



  1. You're 'sew' talented Kimmy! :) Love all of it :) And congratulations on your new little girl - 'sew' exciting!

    (okay,the 2nd 'sew' may have been a little over-kill... lol!)

    xo Tammy

    1. Ha ha! Where's the 'like' button? ;o) and thanks! We are so thrilled she is here.


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